SEW Inspired by Simphiwe

SEW Inspired by Simphiwe

Excerpt from the Soul of Sorbet book:

“In 2018 we chose to expand the principles of SEW to work even more closely with our franchise partners. Many mentors work on an everyday basis with Sorbet Souls who, without assistance, may never have had the opportunity to attain any form of skills-development training. Several of our franchise partners have taken it upon themselves, in their private capacities, to financially uplift salon assistants.”

The Story of Simphiwe…

“I arrived in South Africa from Zimbabwe in 2008. I had very little money but I had a roof over my head and I was determined to make a go of it. At one point, my father saw that I was wearing broken shoes and he gave me R300 to buy a new pair. Instead, I bought a selection of sweets and started selling them in Hillbrow. I stayed with my dad at that time for two weeks and I also helped him with some garden work. I worked hard and so the employer paid me R100 every day. That employer was Ian Fuhr.

His family saw potential in me and asked me if I wanted to do some cleaning work at Sorbet’s Support Office. I was there for about two weeks when I applied for an opening doing similar work at Sorbet Fourways. I got lost on my first day but I can laugh about it now. The women at the salon were dressed so beautifully in their uniforms and at first I thought Sorbet was a clinic. I soon became interested in learning how to do nails and I started painting nails for the citizens in the salon. Our franchise partner noticed my enthusiasm and offered to pay for me to complete the nail technician’s course and I could then pay her back over an extended period of time when I started working as a nail tech.

I began working six days a week and went to school on a Monday, my one day off a week. In total it was six months of training. The first time I took the theory exam I failed but I then asked my fellow citizens to help me study and when I wrote the exam again, I passed. I started at Level 2 and the assessment went really well. I helped our franchise partner find someone else to help clean the salon and she too has moved up in Sorbet. I also went for Gelish training and the franchise partner then paid for me to complete an acrylic training course. I passed the assessment and became a level 3 and soon got upgraded to a level 4 and then a level 5.


I love my job and want to keep growing.”

Simphiwe is currently a Level 5 Therapist at Sorbet Fourways. #SEWInspired

Soul of Sorbet book is now available at all major book sellers countrywide. #SoulOfSorbetBook