3 Makeup looks Sorbet recommends.

3 Makeup looks Sorbet recommends.

Like emerald shadows. And sun-whipped bronzers. And stained berry lips. And long twinkle lashes. And blushing cheeks. And nails that pop. And bangles that jangle. And messy buns. And Meghan Markle (come now, we all need a bit of Meg in our lives!) And hand cream. Lots and lots of hand cream.

We suspect that these were just some of the ‘sugar-and-spice and all things nice’ that the old-school nursery rhyme paid homage to, for us girls. And this year, we’re owning it. 2019 is the year of ‘The Look’ according to Sorbet, and we’re spreading the word with our latest glow-to trends on makeup.

  1. The Clock-In

This 2019 trend goes out to our office girls. The hustler hunnies with a mobile in their hand, a laptop at their side, kids in the bathtub and dinner in the oven. You know who you are (Wonder Woman!). To perfect this look, we need to throw long on the lash and strong on the cheeks; ‘naturally’ berried lips (stained lips are happening in a big way ladies!) with an almost-shimmer eye shadow. The kind of look that says ‘I’m serious, but I’m smokin’ hot too.’ All. Day. Long.

Sorbet recommends: Sorbet Face First Foundation (SPF 15) + Show Girl Eye Shadow Quad + Lash Cheat Super Volume Mascara + Queen Bee Luxury
Lip Gloss

Pairs well with: Sorbet Pro Gel Effect Fierce Heart Nail Polish

Works for:  Sales pitches + Skype calls + Traffic jam wars + Parent-Teacher meetings + After-5pm grocery runs + Co-sharing haunts

  • The Weekender   

We’re bringing Meg back here. No matter where the Duchess of Sussex roams, her look stays classic and courteous. This is our tribute to our Sorbet Weekender. A look that won’t date, and will keep you in the “never trying too hard”
department. A healthy, shiny, sun-blessed look that wears neutrals like a queen, and has no need for point-proving. The Weekender intends to unfold as down played sophistication. You can dress this makeup look up or down, depending on your wardrobe, and that’s pretty much all the effort you’ll need.

Sorbet recommends: Bare Faced Natural Foundation (Oil Free) + Coco Crush Eyeshadow Palette + Loud Lash Volume Mascara (Waterproof) + Sparkle Gloss + Shimmer & Glow Bronzer (Bronze / Peach)

Pairs well with: Sorbet’s Soft Serve Just Peachy Nail Polish (Long Wear)

Works for: Saturday rugby stadiums + Gym hopping + Sunday buffets + Cocktails with the girls + Overnight flights to London, Paris or Hong Kong.

  • The Date Night  

It’s been a while. You’ve been wearing the same flannel pants to be bed since March (2016) and you need to sizzle things up a bit. So here’s our Sorbet 2019 Date Night Look that’ll have the love of your life guessing and ogling. For this look you’ll need to go green – and we’re not talking saving trees and sipping through paper – with respect, of course. We’re talking green eye shadow. The kind Camilla Belle showboated at this year’s 2019 Golden globes. Hues of green are in girls: soft green, neon green, pawow green. It’s all here, and it’s hot. Add to this, some smoky undertones for a raw elegance that can’t go wrong. Then, give dem cheeks some hoohah rouge, for that extra special pop. Night made.

Sorbet recommends: Sorbet Airtime Mousse + Shimmer & Glow Bronze + What a Cheek Pink Pop + Kajal Eye Liner Pencil (Slate) + Way Out Lash Mascara  + Sorbet Matte Perky Lipstick

Pairs well with: Sorbet Glam effect How About a Razzle Nail Polish

Works for: Dinner for two + Movies for two + Rooftop sundowners for two.

For the full kaleidoscope of 2019 makeup must-haves, visit our website HERE or visit our makeup bar at select Sorbet Salons for a makeup consult and/or application.

It’s 2019 girls! #SorbetMakeup