A Happy Mother’s Day to All our Expecting Mums!

A Happy Mother’s Day to All our Expecting Mums!

Mother’s Day: The day in the calendar when we celebrate, honour and pay special attention to the women who make life possible; who are there for us no matter what, when or how; who brought us into this world and who stand by our side, every single day. Yet, for expecting moms, motherhood is a journey that begins before birth. It is an exciting, wonderful, perfectly apt time to celebrate the incredible, indelible fact that you are absolutely and already a “mom”.

But why is it that our preggy bellies are often left out of the happy occasion of Mother’s Day, if their water splash so happens to nearly miss the pegged date for this worldwide, celebrated occasion? Why is it that our expecting beauties need to wait a whole year thereafter, before the world crowns them “officially” as a “Mother”, for Mother’s day. Scoop that! Sorbet says it’s time to make the circle bigger (with stretch marks and all) so that all mothers-to-be are equally glorified for their preggy carriage.

After all, what could possibly be more maternal than spending nine bulging months worrying about every little thing you do, don’t do and eat (miss you, sushi!); losing your ankles (not to mention your mobility), losing sleep – and part of your rib cage – before Baby is even born and entertaining weird cravings, like sandpaper and coal (Yes! True story).

This month, let’s honour those that lament over their skinny jeans, seeing their toes, indulging a glass of wine on weekends and the loss of bladder control. It’s not easy ladies. BUT: you wouldn’t change it for the world, right. Or Elle MacPherson’s Body. Not. One. Ounce.

Yes, pregnancy is indeed an all-consuming initiation into the real responsibility of motherhood by its constant reminder that your body – and your life – is no longer your own. Now, it belongs to a little human who you know needs you, as much you need him or her. While it is about sacrifice, there is nothing more miraculous, joyful and delightful a feeling than knowing that you’re growing a little human inside you and your life will never be the same – in the very best way. From this day forward everyday becomes “Mother’s Day”, with you and your Mini Me!

It goes without saying that Mothers Day – while you’re pregnant – is an extra-special day to celebrate; as a reminder to yourself of how you’re indeed doing a great job. It’s an auspicious time for gratitude too: to be appreciative of the huge blessing of being able to conceive and carry a child; and the privilege of motherhood. Sorbet salutes you – your swollen ankles, fat nose (for some), extra-large bra cups, and all the crazy beautiful parts of you, that testament your womanhood.

From all at Sorbet, Happy Mother’s Day Preggy Sue!

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