Beam me up, Babe

Beam me up, Babe

Although it may sound like a Star Wars rendition of a beauty regime, and the word “laser” may (for some) feel off-putting when it comes to skin treatments, it is in fact one of cosmetology’s safest procedures and, rather painless.

Laser hair removal is a highly beneficial solution to lastingly smooth skin. The treatment was invented back in the 1960’s but never received its upswing until more recent years. Now trending, “going bare for good’ is almost as big as a #careergoal – just ask Khloe, Hoda, Victoria and Alyssa (Milano). The thing about Laser Hair Treatment is that it’s a long-term solution to hair removal. No more wax, creams or razors required. The treatment sends intense pulsed light from a laser through the pigment in the hair. The light produces heat which damages the hair follicle, ultimately slowing and preventing further growth.

At Sorbet Sk-N, we choose only the most beneficial aesthetic treatments to rah-rah about – Laser is definitely one of them. Here’s a closer look at the real benefits of selecting Laser Treatment as your hair-free solution:

  1. It only takes 8!

8 sessions, love. That’s pretty much the going series of treatments you’ll need to throw those hairy buggers to the curb. Results are enjoyed after 8 sessions, depending on your hair DNA, and then you’re free from all the work that is hair removal. No more time wasted on shaving or coordinating and attending waxing appointments. The cost of waxing over 20 years has been reported to be double that of laser, and shaving isn’t far behind. Top-up sessions may be required down the line but they’re few and far between. In the end, when the bare is there – it’s a once-off investment that satin sheets can’t buy.

  1. Regrowth, be gone with you!

 According to Huffpost, the average woman will spend 72 days of her life removing hair – shaving plus waxing + threading + creaming (and don’t even start us on epilating). Besides the fact that regrowth is a real thing; you’re often left with stubble, ingrown hairs and stressed out skin. Not okay! Laser is permanent, and beautifully committed to its purpose of smooth-all-year-round skin. Without the regrowth drama. Enough said.

  1. Precision of the highest class

Laser hair removal is the most precise hair removal method available, as it directly targets only the hair follicle. Not only can you choose to apply the treatment to any and all areas of the body, but lasers can selectively target dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.

  1. Opt in for Salon Expertise

 As Laser is not a DIY solution, it requires a firm understanding of the procedure and qualified expert application and advice. The procedure involves applying a numbing gel to the area before targeting with the removal device, and acute eye protection during the procedure. Sorbet Sk-n recommends: ensure your therapist is a qualified laser removal therapist and ask your aesthetic therapist all the right questions, so you’re in favour before the laser.

Sorbet Sk-n is all about lasting results and targeted treatment; we advocate laser hair removal as a highly reliable solutions-based treatment that holds the most value when it comes to hair removal options.

We’re so obsessed with our Laser Removal packages that this November we’re offering our guests 1 free Laser treatment with any laser treatment booked. Yes, you read correctly, thats buy 1 laser treatent & get another treatment free, as long as its the same area. Add a free 30 minute preliminary consultation to discuss the benefits and expectations from your Laser sessions, as well as before and after care tips.