Breaking Bush (nothing bad about it).

Breaking Bush (nothing bad about it).

So not everyone turns their banged up RV into a Meth lab (except Walter White) – and these days, it seems not every women is waxing their bikini either. Nor their legs. Nor their armpits. Back in 2015, the full bush trend from top to toe, became popular with celebs like Rihanna, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan sporting their middle fingers to the feminine expectations of popular culture, by growing out their body hair for everyone to see. One might recall Vera Wang dresses and D&G skirts pairing well that year– or not so well – with long, wispy locks hanging from everywhere, other than the head.

Fast forward to 2019, nothing much has changed. Many more women, celebs or not, are raising their hairy pits and bits with pride. Some even dyed. Helena Bonham Carter, Penelope Cruz, Kelly Rowland – heck even Lindiwe at Yoga is sporting the #bodyhairdontcare look now (admit, you saw it. And you stared).

While the “body pos” trend is sending a powerful message in society, encouraging even randoms like that girl named “Laura” to strike out with their own hairy-pro movements aka #Januhairy, not all women are ready to adopt the fashion. In 2018 alone, the United Kingdom reported a daily average of 1.19 million women still using hair removal products (per day!). This means, the vast majority of the world female tribunal are arguably still voting for immunity against the hairy Mary crusade. And hey, that’s okay.

Whether you’re breaking bush or rooting for the bare, Sorbet won’t judge. In fact, we’re offering a September waxing deal that’s better than any trip to #Belize and suits all supporter types: the anti-hairy, the half-half types, the bikini-bellinis, the changed-my-minds, and the still mildly undecided Femme Fatales. And besides, waxing sure beats the blades out of razors and depilatory creams, hands down. With a satin finish and a 4-6 week regrowth guarantee – it serves both sides of the follicle debate.

And the deal? Book any 2 body waxes at any Sorbet Salon and get your lip or brow wax free. Now there’s a thing: the lip and the brow. Don’t suppose it’ll be too long before we see Kristen Stewart or Elsa (yes from Frozen) – heaven forbid – sporting a mega mo the size of  Walter White / Chuck Norris / Tom Selleck / Frida Kahlo. A nasty thought we know, but all too possible given the fight for free hair everywhere. Nevertheless, it’s a relief, to some, that beyond the legs, pits and nether regions there seems to be no sign (just yet) of any over-grown lady mo’s or united arches on the red carpet. But we fear, #NovHairmber is coming…

Offer ends 30 September 2019.