From Carwasher to Soul of Sorbet Man -This is Shaka’s Story

From Carwasher to Soul of Sorbet Man -This is Shaka’s Story

Sometimes all the stars align and magic happens! Just Ask Shaka. A few months ago, Shaka was going about his daily job, washing cars in the Gateway shopping center parking lot, when along came Bronwyn, our Sorbet Gateway Franchise Partner. Bronwyn approached Shaka’s co-worker and spoke about possible job opportunities at the new Sorbet Man she would be opening in the next couple of months. Shaka overheard the conversation and took the initiative to bring his CV into Sorbet. Bronwyn was impressed by his enthusiasm and saw a spark.

She sent Shaka to the Durban Sorbet Support Office for an interview. It was there that Shaka was introduced into the world of barbering and a dream of becoming a barber was ignited.

Shaka did not have the necessary funds at the time to fund his dream but when we see soul we cant let it go and so we decided to help Shaka find a way to fund his barbering course. Off he went scissors in hand, class to attend and skills to learn.

A few weeks later Shaka attended induction training with Ian Fuhr, there he says, he felt the true meaning of the Soul of Sorbet “For the first time, in a long time, I felt like I belonged to something”

Shaka is now a fully trained Sorbet Man barber.

You can meet Shaka at our Sorbet Man Gateway store, he wont be giving you a shiny car but rather a swag haircut and perfectly shaped beard.

Sometimes you’re given an opportunity, sometimes you grab one but most of the time it was you do with that opportunity that counts.

Shaka,we are very proud of your determination, your will to succeed and your charisma and spark that keeps your dreams alive. The sky is your limit!