It’s no secret that Drake is a Certified Lover Boy, and this is clear across his entire catalogue, whether he’s found love, looking for love or plainly just hates it, Drake wears his heart on his sleeve. Well…. His head.

His Certified Lover Boy era unleashed a brand-new trend that took over social media and saw die hard Drake fans and everyday folk flock to the heart cut out on every guy’s fade- (fade refers to long (or at least, longer) hair on top of the head, and short hair on the sides and back of the head.) This was testament to Drake’s impact and that nothing he does can be taken lightly.

Though Drake’s heart motif was met with mixed reactions at first, it has proven to be a fan favourite and has been on the heads of many. So, whether you’re a Certified Lover Boy or not, we will be seeing this trend continue for a hot minute on everyday folks with different interpretations.

You don’t have to drop an eight bar or spit lyrics and rhymes that envy Drake. You simply must be bold and wear the heart or a distinct line on your head with confidence and charisma. It’s not the size of the man’s heart that matters, but the love he gives.

This past festive season alone we saw gents express the heart all over their fades, some even colored the heart to express their Certified Lover Boy experience. The beauty about this trend is that it goes beyond the festive season to everyday life. Add some cool to your life and add a heart to your head.

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