What the Colour you pick, says about You!

What the Colour you pick, says about You!

Do you ever stop to think what vibes you’re giving off with your go-to lacquer? Or what the colour you pick says about you? This Winter, Sorbet plays around with the psychology of nail paint.

We’ve all been there. Whether for the sake of our hands, our sanity, or simply to make us feel more like a lady; unkempt, chipped and sad nails have only one place to go: the mani station!

So, you walk into the salon and you’re faced with a wall of choice. Welcome to the colour lottery and, no doubt, you’re also faced with some fashion anxiety. The doubt sets in. Those little voices of yes and no and the dreaded “don’t do it” get louder and prouder in your head. Which do you choose?! Do you stick with your usual pick? Mix it up? Match your mood? Suit the season? Ensure you blend in, set a trend, or blaze away in your own unique way?

Truth is, the colour you pick says a lot about you and where your heart space is at. We’ve rounded up research from some of the world’s top manicurists and colour psychologists and found the following to be true…


Red        Classically confident and oozing old-school glam, red exudes strength. You’re daring, dramatic, outgoing and aren’t shy of the spotlight. A perfect pick for when you want to reveal your inner diva.


Orange  If orange is your go-to shade or you’re the Tangerine Queen, you’re a bonafide social butterfly who loves being around others. Bubbly, creative and generous, you exude warmth like you’re straight outta the tropics!


Yellow   Girl, you’re not afraid to shine. Impossible to ignore (and the first color noticeable to the eye), yellow evokes happiness and energy. Choosing to pop with this polish means you’re spontaneous, with a unique sense of style.


Pink        You’re not just into being pretty: you also wear your heart on your sleeve. And the deeper the pink, the more passionate you are. Hot pink? You’re chic, bold and playful. Soft pink? You’re pretty impeccably groomed.


Blue       A girl who dons blue is anything but faint-hearted. Fun and experimental, you’re not afraid of change and love living a life filled with excitement. Blue also says you’re youthful, carefree and willing to try new things.


Green    Going green on your hands exudes earthiness, spunk and verve. It is a strong colour, with a lot of power and energy, making it a top choice for women who are rooted, yet also have a deep sense of adventure.


Black      A sleek, “don’t-mess-with-me” pow-wow colour, black suits a deeply creative, super-chic trendsetter. Women who wear an all-black mani (often as their signature look) think out the box — and have a little bit of a rebel side.


White    Crisp and clean, white represents new beginnings. It’s also ultra-chic. You have class and confidence. You know what you like and no one can change your mind. You’re also impeccably careful (so as to ensure no stains!)


Neon     Nothing spells “club-ready” like neon nails. A sure-fire sign you’re up for a good time, neon nails belong to hip, vivacious gals who rock a “life is too short” attitude. Perfect for being “lit” (literally, in UV) on the dance floor.


Clear   Feeling confident in your own nails and ready to bare them to the world. Yes ladies these are mine!


There you have it, our colour experts have spoken. But – we Sorbies have to ask – does choosing your new (or usual) hue need to be so serious? Perhaps, in the midst of our daily grind and the bombardment of choices we’re made to make at home, in the office, online, choosing our nail polish can simply just be fun!