[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hey Sorbies, we pleased to announce the return of the Hair-mazing “Sorbet Drybar Beauty Fair”

At SORBET Drybar we pride ourselves on being your favourite cut, colour and nailcare salon. We know you love our menu, that’s why this Beauty Fair we will be giving you knowledge behind all your favourite products that give you hair-conditional love and introduce you to new products and services that will keep your hair and scalp smiling, and as you may know, a happy scalp is the home of even happier hair.

For happy hair pop into your nearest and favourite Sorbet Drybar and get to know more about all your favourite products because happy-hair is what we’re known for at SORBET Drybar.

You know it does not end there, Sorbet DRYBAR always has a spoil for our Fam. We have Sorbet Drybar Vouchers up for grabs. Stand a chance to WIN our amazing Sorbet Drybar Vouchers by spending R500 or more instore and get an automatic entry.  Don’t forget to follow us on @sorbetdrybar for the latest Sorbet Beauty Fair trends & updated spoils.

#GetThatBeautyGetThatFeeling #GetThatFeeling #HappyHair #WeDoHairColour

Don’t forget to pamper your loved ones with a Sorbet Drybar Gift Card. Sealed with Sorbet love simply Add to Cart and you’re all enjoying gorgeous thanks the Beauty Fair.

*ALL Sorbet Drybar Stores have the highest hygiene protocols in place for your safety & our citizens. You can rest assured that we will ensure strict hygiene measures through all your treatments.

Ends 30 April 2022

Ts & Cs Apply[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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