From Fabuless to FabuLASH!

From Fabuless to FabuLASH!

How do you boost your confidence when you’re feeling a little fabuless? It all comes down to how you see things. It also really helps when you’re looking at them through a stellar set of lashes.

Seriously, though- it’s empowering to enjoy the benefits in a dash of extra assurance which beauty can bestow. Eyelash extensions are a surefire way to lift your mood to fabuLASH with effortless ease. Here’s a quick guide on how to up your lash game, and volumise your confidence.

  1. I Woke Up Like This

That moment, when you roll from the bed to the kettle, catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realise you look as good as that time you got your makeup done for Jess’s birthday. Yes, that good. Yes, that possible. There’s nothing like effortless beauty, right. Cue Eyelash Extensions – like  wearing mascara 24/7 (without the clumpiness- score!). They look completely natural and last up to three weeks (if you take care of them properly). You also get to conserve your natural lashes by skipping the mascara. This convenient beauty tool will have you singing baby I was born this way all day.

  1. Turn up the Vol-YOU-m

“Just be you.” People are always throwing this out there as life advice. Authenticity is totally the new black, though. Nothing says confidence like being full-on, 100% yourself.  If you’re feeling you, others will feel ‘you’ too. Because it’s all in the eyes; luscious lashes are a great way to enhance the glint you’ve already got going on. Lashes are the perfect allure accessory; just a bat here, a flutter there- and you’ve multiplied your natural charm!

  1. Beauty is Gain

The age old “if you look good, you feel good,” psychology. There is no shame in this. Quite the opposite! Do what you gotta do to be the best you! Extensive research has shown that self-esteem is affected by your thoughts and emotions. Feeling beautiful is a handy tool on the outside for nourishing how you think and feel on the inside. So go on, allow yourself that mood lift. Long, alluring eyelashes are a great way to pump up the pretty.

Lash extensions not only volumise confidence and effortless beauty, they’re also lightweight, water resistant and don’t damage your natural lashes. Come lay on the lovely this May with Sorbet’s 20% discount on lash extensions & lash lift! So now its real for you, yes?