Gone Out, Love Mom!

Gone Out, Love Mom!

You’re in a constant negotiation with “life-admin,” you travel, you entertain, you mom, you workout (sometimes) and you ‘full time career woman’ too. Any other roles we can throw at you, and you’ll probably put your hand up. Because you’re secretly super human, and everyone knows this. On a day like Mother’s Day, there should be big rewards for ‘super humans’, especially those that can voice note, eat a bran muffin and push their twins in the stroller, at the same time – oh yes, you know who you are wild nurturer.

So where does this leave you on a day like Mother’s day? In Self-love Avenue, that’s where. According to nami.org ‘self-love’ is a very important part of building towards a better, more positive ‘you’. Self-love leads to positive relationships at home, and in the workplace too.

There is no better time to get your me-myself-and-I vibes on than Mother’s day. This is your day, all day. And you should indulge in some healthy selfishness. There’s no doubt a specially poured cup of tea is waiting for you in the wings; maybe some praline choccies and roses; maybe a scrambled egg on top of peanut butter toast dusted with astros and cheese, courtesy of your 7 year old. Eat up!

Mother’s Day is a special day; a day to reflect on the great job you’re doing with your little people.  It’s a time to thank yourself through the ups and downs, the packed lunches and the bath times; through the late nights and school projects. So why wait for the fam’ to show up for your special day when you can show up for yourself – or – throw some handy hints their way to ensure that your Mother’s Day is the bubbly occasion you deserve:

  1. Booking for 1, please

Nothing says me-time like treating yourself to a couple hours of pampering at a salon. We’re thinking a Power Pedi (with extra-long foot massage) at your nearest Sorbet, and a Sorbet Grande Facial. Yes both.

  1. Cake it ‘til you make it:

Being a full time mom is not for the weak, or the dearly deprived of all things yummy and delish. On a day like Mother’s Day, it’s about having your cake and eating it too (and then going back for a second slice because Mom pants are always forgivable). Pick up a slice of your favourite sweet treat or ice cream – and eat it somewhere, alone! Slowly, like a toddler at the batter bowl. You’ve earned the right; and the household knows it.

  1. Tub Tripping:

Let your better half get dinner on the hob (note: ‘better halves’ are not limited to life partners only, this most definitely includes Uber Eats too!) while you light a Sorbet Home Scented Candle and tap a cherry blossom bath – pour yourself a glass of Merlot and finish the last three pages of chapter 13 (any chapter 13, from any book).

  1. All I want is something small…

Don’t be so coy Mom. Dropping casual hints and leaving open catalogues, with your red pen casually encircling the items of desire, is really, so 2009! It’s time to make a wish list and write down all of the dreamy gifts you’d like to see at the foot of your bed this Mother’s Day. Psst, throw forward to sorbet.co.za – for a variety of body delights or, even better, a Sorbet gift card that can be purchased instantly, to any value, and can be used on absolutely anything in store – treatments and products.

  1. Just for the Mom of it…

 Who better to spend Mother’s Day with, than your own Mom or aunt or sister or girlfriends – those that also experience the daily Mom-grind? Why not organise a weekend away, or a brunch with all the Moms in your life to celebrate Mom power? And if you’re drinking a mimosa while celebrating, well then, that’s just an added bonus! Sorbet offers girl-time bookings too, where you and your circle will be spoilt for choice. Check for your closest salon HERE

Don’t let Mother’s Day pass without raising your white flag for some down time this year. You are a Mom: a beautiful, courageous, superbly sensational Mom – so go on then, celebrate your matchless Momness with a spoil or two, or ten!