He Thinks Your Eye Cream Is His Elbow Cream. Get Him His Own Stuff! 

He Thinks Your Eye Cream Is His Elbow Cream. Get Him His Own Stuff! 

As the fairer sex, we’ve seen it, we’ve been there and it’s been done to us before. We have the stats to prove it. In 2013, The Huffington Post issued the results of a survey that detailed how, in the USA, husbands were using (ahem, stealing) over R3500’s worth of their wives’ beauty products – every year.

Across the pond, fifty percent of British women confessed to catching the men in their lives — from fathers to husbands, boyfriends to brothers — sneakily using approximately R600’s worth of their beauty products a month. That’s a lot of face cream. A whopping 68 percent of women reported that, worse still, their significantly hairier others have expensive tastes – pampering themselves (behind closed doors, of course) with luxury brands like Clarins and Dior. This means only one thing: As more and more men (man) up their beauty regime game, we women need to become increasingly vigilant regarding which of our beauty treats are left unprotected, unhidden and prey to man-sized paws and, err, pores.

It all starts innocently enough, with him looking stupefied by your daily beauty routine. He’s a two-step man who uses shampoo to wash himself if there’s no soap or shower gel and, while he’s at it, he may as well just use it on his face too. Okay, one-step. He even teases you – flirts with you, charmingly so – that you don’t need “all that stuff” because you’re beautiful just as you are… And then there are times when he bemoans you for taking so long to wash your face and/or are taking up too much of the counter space. Heaven-forbid if he ever found out how much all your products cost! Especially that teeny tiny tub of eye cream sourced exclusively from the Swiss Alps (cue toothy-grin emoticon).

You tease him back every now and again, saying that it would help the little wrinkles around his eyes and he should try it sometime… Wink wink. Be warned: This. Is. Dangerous. Like Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman: “Big mistake. Big. HUGE.” Because, the day will inevitably arrive when he smiles at you sheepishly, with a little more colour than usual, mistaking your favourite BB cream as moisturiser and not knowing it is tinted. Busted.

OR, the blood-draining-from-your-face nightmare itself: When you reach for your little tub of treaty, creamy goodness (which, upon buying, you talked yourself into understanding it was a bonafide investment – and, all in all, cheaper than a facelift) to find an extra-large dent, a telltale man-sized fingerprint, or – quelle horreur! a hair!  – floating unceremoniously in its luscious buttery surface.

So, apart from klepto tendencies, when it comes to our skincare, why are men so sneaky?! According to the surveys, they’re either too lazy, shy or embarrassed to shop for their own goods. Because, let’s face it, guys do like to care for their skin, too: they’re just not man enough to admit it.

A bulletproof, win-win solution for a safe, healthy skin care situation? Get him his own stuff. And, while you’re busy shopping up a small storm, here are a few tips from Sorbet MAN to bear in mind:


  1. Essentially, guys want to do two things: Wash their face and slap on a moisturiser.
  2. Uncomplicated is key. A product has to be easy to use, without too many steps or a special method of application. A multi-tasker, like a moisturiser with a sunscreen, is a big plus.
  3. Don’t bombard him with too much to use. A cleanser and moisturiser is a good start. Slowly move on to sunscreen and a hydrating toner after he acclimates.
  4. Compliment him on his skin. If he thinks it’s working, he’ll likely stick to it – and, most importantly, stay away from yours.

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 Who knows: maybe soon you’ll even be doing your next mask session together. Cute! #RelationshipGoals.


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