Lashes Up Baby!

Lashes Up Baby!

You’ve heard of the extra volume mascara or the fake lashes or lash extensions, but now there is a fabulous new kid on the block & yes, we’re obsessed! It’s the lash trend that’s got us all flattering our eye lids in awe! Make way for the Lash Lift!


  • Lash lift is a face lift for your lashes: Treating the lashes from the root is the reason why you get the fuller, longer (& younger) look.
  • There is no preparation necessary: Just bring yourself & leave the rest to us
  •  The whole process takes about an hour from start to finish: Quick sticks!
  • Lash lifts last 4 to 6 weeks: No lashes falling out unexpectedly in your winter soup
  • Suitable for all lash types: No such thing as too short or too curly
  • Lash lifts cost from R400-R520 per treatment: A little something for all pocket sizes
  • You can wear mascara: Not that you’ll need to.
  • You can also opt for a Lash & Brow tint: Complete the look in style
  • Expect a lot of compliments: They will be coming in thick & fast!
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