Sorbet Society – FAQ

Sorbet Society - Frequently Asked Questions

– Does Sorbet sell any personal information from the Loyalty programme?

No. When you sign up to our loyalty programme we record your details and we only use them for running the programme. Our database is not for sale and all communications that you will receive will be related to Sorbet in some way or the other.

– Can I sign up electronically?

Yes. If you would like to sign up, just click here and follow the onscreen prompts.

– How does the tier system work?

Every time you spend with us, we check your total spend for the last 12 months. If you have reached the next level, we move you up. New members start on Green. If you have spent more than R2500 in the last 12 months, we move you up to Blue. If you have spent more than R10 000 we move you up to Silver and if you have spent more than R30 000 we move you up to Gold.

– I used to belong to your old loyalty programme – do I have to rejoin?

Not at all! We have seamlessly switched you over from the old programme to the new!

– I used to have points/rewards with you? Where did they go?

Nowhere! Your points and rewards do not expire, and we did not change them when we change our loyalty programme. They are right there, linked to your cell number, ready for you to redeem!

– What happens to High Society for Life Membership statuses?

Members who reached High Society for life will be made Gold members for life.

– I was working towards 5300 points, but now the system changed. What happened to my points?

Nothing. These points never expire and neither will the rewards. If you have more than 2000 points, they will be converted to rewards after your next sale!