[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sorbet Fam, you are powerful, you are unique and you are celebrated.

Sorbet wants to celebrate you and unleash your inner goddess.

Ask yourself, what brings you inner peace and joy and what makes you, you. It’s time to reconnect with your beauty and individuality with Sorbet.

Join the Sorbet Hello Me Challenge by celebrating and loving every aspect and feature of your beautiful self! Your real beauty, your inner beauty, and everything that makes you, you.

We want you to be the best version of yourself, and instead of just treating yourself, celebrate yourself and have a self-care attitude. Do the things that bring you joy and reconnect you as the amazing individual you are!

Sorbet wants to celebrate the best version of yourself with our HELLO ME campaign.

  • Hello Me, Hello Queen
  • Hello Me, Hello Confidence
  • Hello Me, Hello Glow
  • Hello Me, Hello Self-Love

So go on and join the Sorbet HELLO ME Challenge!!

  • Celebrate something you love about yourself or life!
  • Snap a pic and complete: Hello Me. Hello _____________
  • Tag @sorbetgroup and your friends and fam to join the challenge.
  • You could win an amazing Sorbet Make-Over Experience.




Nail it with a Sorbet Nailbar gift card and sit back while we give you the trendiest nails and the best products in the market to assist with your nail concerns, because we pride ourselves on putting a smile on your face.

Sealed with Sorbet love, simply Add to Cart and you’re all enjoying gorgeous nails.

*ALL Sorbet Nailbars have the highest hygiene protocols in place for your safety & our citizens. You can rest assured that we will ensure strict hygiene measures through all your treatments.





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