New look Sorbet Skin Care Ranges

New look Sorbet Skin Care Ranges


Just when you thought Summer couldn’t get any hotter, South Africa’s favourite salon, Sorbet, brings up the lights on its new skincare packaging. It’s airless, it’s convenient, it’s longer lasting – and it’s probably insta-worthy too.

We’ve made it compact where it counts and bigger where you need it most. One of our favourite features is our all classy airless pump system on a select few products that promises to pump out every last drop. Launched in 2014, our skincare collection set a benchmark for affordable specialist skincare and anti-ageing solutions.

With three categories to choose from; Sorbet Hydro Skin, Sorbet Age Affect and Sorbet Salon Skin there’s something for every skin loving Sorbet fan

What to look out for: originally set in compact jars, the respective Sorbet Day and Night Creams have now traded in their seal caps for a scientifically improved airless pump action system. With each pump, the piston rises on demand and creates an airtight vacuum which eliminates wastage as the cream is dispensed.

The new Sorbet Skincare packaging is bottled with user-friendly consideration, and can be marveled in-store with the following select products:

Sorbet Salon Skin Day Perfecting Cream and Night Recovery Cream: a complete specialist care solution developed specifically with a combination of essential ingredients to best soothe and restore the specific needs of your skin.





Sorbet Hydro Skin Day Cream and Night Cream: a complete hydration range that targets tired and dehydrated skin; developed for skin that requires more nourishment on a daily basis.





Sorbet Age Effect Day Cream, Night Cream, Power Serum and Cream Cleanser: a gentle yet effective anti-ageing range that combines the magic of science and nature to produce a product line specifically targeting maturing skin, with proven results.

Existing products to the above 3 ranges are: Sorbet Hydro Skin Foam Cleanser, Hydro Skin Lip Therapy, Salon Skin Daily Skin Polish Powder, Salon Skin 3-in-1 Micellar Water, Age Effect Eye and Lip Serum

Sorbet Salons want the best for the faces of South Africa and so have developed a skincare range that works from the inside out – and that cares for your skin to the very last drop.

Available at all Sorbet Salons and Clicks stores nationwide