Who ever thought you would find yourself in a moment like this, when your mom is there but not there? Oh, she’s at her house, cooking all your favourite meals, humming her favourite Beatles song, tending to her garden, doing online yoga classes with her mom squad – but you have no way of joining her, no hope of tasting that yummy food or tapping your feet along with her out of tune singing. Why? COVID-19 of course! Yes, we’re all in lockdown & you can’t even go to Mama’s House – unless you live with her, well then good for you! So we thought why not share some fun giggles & heart-warming moments that help get you through the next few days – mom-less or not.

And if you’re a mom, what kind of super mom do you fall under? Here’s a few of our faves:

Blinger Mama (Chic Mum)

She’s the Mama with a twist in her hips and a sparkle in her shades. She knows what she wants and where to get it. #SorbetBlingerMama 

Mighty Ma (Outdoor)

Any challenge will do. When she’s not cheering from the side lines, she’s running with her sidekicks. Insert water bottle here.  #SorbetMightyMa   

Mother Earth (Natural)

She smells like coconut and looks like sunshine. She’s the all Zen, all natural Mama that makes her own pesto and knows her flying dragon from her frying pan. #SorbetMotherEarth      

Tough Homey (Home Warrior)

This homemaker is the brave one. She’s the drop-off-the-kids-pick-up-the-kids-teach-the-kids-cheer-on-the-kids-bath-the-kids-and-make-sure-the-kids-grow-up-to-be-amazing-humans kind of Mama.  #SorbetToughHomey

Actionista (Multitasker)

She’s the one you call to get the job done. She can work it, dial it, click it, shop it, fix it and stick to the man any day of the week. Multi-tasking, meh. #SorbetActionista

We thought we’d share some awesome ideas on how you can still share this special day with & we want to join in on the fun! Mother’s Day is only but a few days away & even though you can’t give that much needed hug or treat her to her favourite restaurant, you can still make it extra special – the Sorbet Way.

But wait, there’s more! We have a jam packed agenda for our Sorbies to take part in, including some fantastic prizes to win for you & mom. All you have to do is meet us on our social media pages over the next few days & look out for the following treats:

  • Mom Moment – heard had one of these? Sure you have, Mom! Remember the time you forgot Desiree at the grocery store because you were too busy talking to Ange on the phone? Or that time you forgot all 3 of kids names so you just called them Senzo 1, 2 & 3? Yip, we’re talking about those typical moment’s when being a mom completely frazzles your brain & you simply have to roll with the punches. Share these moments with us & you could win big! Come on, don’t pretend they never happened to you 🙂
  • Mom Memories – This one is a little bit of a tear jerker, or cackle fest – you tell us. We want to hear all those beautiful (or scary) memories of your mom that made oh so grateful that she was the mother in your life! That time she picked you & the girls up from the club at 5am in her hair curlers, mom gown & sleep shoes? Or that time she helped you with your homework even though she wasn’t quite sure what the right answer was? Or what about that day you just needed a shoulder to cry on? Yip, we want to know, what makes your special? We’ll be giving 5 moms some a Mother’s Day ‘surprise & delight’ for winning us over with their lovable mommy ways. We’re talking Dermalogica Kits, Veaudry Limited Edition Straightners, Sorbet Man & Candi & Co. vouchers – oh but we could go on! 

So join us on our social media pages over the next few days & let’s give the Mothers a little time to shine! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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