Our Top 5 product picks for Mum this Mother’s Day!

Our Top 5 product picks for Mum this Mother’s Day!

We asked 5 mothers to give their thoughts on our Top 5 products of the month and here is what they had to say!

Breathe Easy Bath Salts from Sleep Range R38

‘With a full-time job and a 2-year-old little girl at home, nothing quite competes with Sorbet’s Breathe Easy Bath Salts from their Sleep range! I use it every night in my bath before going to bed which calms my nerves after the stresses of the day. I am in love with the Aromatherapy smells of Laender and Chamomile!’ Genevieve- Mother to Aiden and Chloe

About Sorbet Easy Bath Salts from Sleep Range: Sorbet Sleep Rescue Breathe Easy Bath Salts 250g contains a blend of lavender, valerian and camomile to promote a restful and peaceful slumber. These bath salts help to restore your body and mind ahead of bedtime.

What Sorbet Editors are saying– Whether you are a stay at home mum or full time workaholic we have something soothing and therapeutic that can be added to the bathe…for short dips and long soaks!

Age Effect Neck and Décolletage cream R190

‘My Mother used to tell me that your neck can tell your true age! I never used to believe her but since I’ve hit my 40’s I have since come to the conclusion that she was right! I started using the Sorbet Age Effect Neck and Décolletage cream a few years ago and I will never look back!  This wonder product has assisted and restored the signs of ageing on my neck’ Nina- Mother to Sophia, Georgie and Christopher

About Sorbet Age Effect Neck and Décolletage cream: Sorbet Age Affect Decolletage & Neck Cream contains a scientific combination of powerful actives (Idealift & coenzyme Q10) and age-fighting vitamins (A, C & E) to improve the skin texture, and firm and support for a youthful and wrinkle-free complexion.

What Sorbet Editors are saying: We tend to neglect our neck on a daily basis and only focus on the face! Our Age Effect Neck and Décolletage cream will assist with all signs of premature neck ageing. 

Firming Serum Mask R57

‘I am a new mum of a 1 year old little boy and late nights and early mornings take their toll on my skin! The Sorbet 2 in 1 Serum Mask is all I need to make that lasting impression…last! Think of it as a total revamp for your skin!’ Carla – Mother to Joshua

About Sorbet Firming Serum Mask: Sorbet Firming Serum Mask Ultra Lifting 1 Application is made with concentrated collagen, Q10 and herbal extracts to rejuvenate your skin. It also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and ceramides to fight wrinkles and improve skin firmness.

What Sorbet Editors are saying: It’s almost like treating yourself to a home facial! Helps prevent the signs of ageing and wrinkles and reveals a fresher more youthful you!

Salon Skin Micellar Water R130

‘I have been using Micellar Water for years! Having tried numerous brands and off the shelf products Sorbet’s Micellar Water is one of the best I have used!  My job takes me all over the country and I am often pressed for time morning and night. It wipes away my make-up and can even be used as a cleanser and moisturiser!’ Tarryn – Mother to Jennifer and Mark

About Sorbet Salon Skin Micellar Water: Sorbet Salon Skin 3-in-1 Micellar Water contains essential oils, advanced actives and highly concentrated vitamins A, C & E along with micelle particles. It works to cleanse and purify the skin and remove make-up too. It is suitable for sensitive skin and will improve your skin’s radiance and leave your skin feeling deeply cleansed.

What Sorbet Editors are saying: This 3 in 1 no-rinse replacement for your cleanser, make-up remover and moisturiser will have you hooked from the get go!

Sensual Hand and Nail Cream R35

‘I am proud to say that I am a hand cream hoarder! Sorbet’s Sensual Hand and Nail cream is pure luxury in a tube and I always have a spare nearby. Not only does it have excellent moisturising qualities but it leaves my skin subtle and soft, not forgetting a luxurious scent that stays with you throughout the day!’  Natalie – Mother to Kaylee and Jodie

About Sorbet Sensual Hand and Nail Cream: Sorbet Hand & Nail Cream is infused with exotic passion flower oil and the scent of citrus, Turkish rose and sandalwood. It cares for nails as well as your hands.

What Sorbet Editors are saying: For pure day and night time luxury our Sensual hand and nail cream including our entire Sensual range of products will keep you feeling royally pleased!