BlueBeards Revenge

BlueBeards Revenge

Millions of men all over the world share a common problem Ð that tough stubble that seems to defy the attentions of every shaving product and blunts the edge of the keenest razor Ð ÒBlue BeardÓ.

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Are you often reaching for a can of pathetic supermarket foam designed for the Bum-Fluff Brigade in an attempt to tackle your stubborn Bluebeard? Or perhaps a super-expensive designer-label concoction thatÕs more akin to face cream than a shaving preparation for real men? Or do you find yourself forever repurchasing gels, soaps and hairsprays that promise the earth and deliver a soul-crushing nothing, leaving you smelling as if youÕve been raiding your grandmotherÕs bathroom cabinet all the while? If youÕre tired of spending your hard-earned cash on disappointingly girly products flogged to you at massive margins, then stop right there. What you really need are the manliest of grooming products designed for Real Men, by Real Men.


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