With a success story spanning 30 years, Ian Fuhr is the founder and pioneer of South Africa’s leading beauty salon chain, The Sorbet Group. From his early ventures of championing a record label, to the establishment of a leading FMCG retail chain, the pioneering of a Labour Relations consultancy and the current co-owner of The Lion Park in Johannesburg West, Ian has developed an admirable reputation as a serial entrepreneur that places people before profit.

Since inception (2005) of the beauty salon empire, Sorbet Group, Ian has established a firm footing in the beauty industry with the success of 103 Sorbet Salon Franchises, nationwide. As a charismatic entrepreneur in his field, Ian has distinguished his success by instituting his philosophy of The Higher Purpose: a company ethos that places sincerity, integrity and community before the bottom line. Ian’s community vision of Sorbet has led to an employ of more than 1000 staff members all of whom are acknowledged and respected as Sorbet “citizens” and his customers, as Sorbet “guests”.

As of 2011, Ian’s vision of Sorbet expanded to the establishment of subsidiary Sorbet Brands, each of which services the South African Community with a niche Sorbet experience. These subsidiary brands include: Sorbet Dry Bar; Candi&Co – for ethnic hair and Sorbet Man. An extension of the Sorbet Higher Purpose is Ian’s CSI initiative, SEW – established in 2013. SEW (Sorbet Empowering Women) is an outreach programme that intends to train underprivileged women in the field of beauty and bead making. All bead bracelets are hand-made and sold for donation to the SEW Trust. With a budding Sorbet Training Centre – based in Rivonia – offering internationally recognised beauty training and education, Ian and his team continue their mission of community upliftment.

Through his diversified vision, Ian heralds as an ambassador for South Africa’s empowerment culture, by providing a wealth of franchising and skills development opportunities for passionate, ambitious women who seek success and support for their families. Ian’s humble beginning and climb to the top has translated into a business success story with heart. His book “Get That Feeling’ stands testament to the influence of one man’s inspiration that took the South African Beauty Industry to an authentic level.

The Sorbet Group is recognised as an icon of “feeling good” for both women and men. Sorbet is undoubtedly a people’s brand. And the man behind it all? A community entrepreneur.