Sorbet Man – 3 product picks of the month!

Sorbet Man – 3 product picks of the month!

Our favourite picks are ideally suited for the smooth shaver, the guy who likes his stubble and the bearded gent who enjoys a fuller look!

Dermalogica Daily Scrub (For the smooth shaver!)

Prefer a clean smoother look? We have the perfect product for you. Dermalogica’s beard-lifting lather contains micro-fine Silica beads to help remove oil and dulling skin cells for clean- fresh skin. You’ll be left with a smoother shave and fewer ingrown hairs!

Proraso Beard Balm (Get that Stubbled look!)

Does your itchy stubble feel as though it could cut through paper? Formulated to ease discomfort associated with the first few weeks of new beard growth the Proraso Beard Balm softens and soothes beard hair as it grows. Subtly scented with Bergamot and Eucalyptus your stubble will be kept soft with a fragrant leave in conditioner.

Hairy Eye Beard oil (For the Gent who likes a fuller beard!)

Does your beard lack a bold and ‘look at me’ attitude? Hairy Eye Beard Oil is your answer to a softer, shinier and smoother looking beard. This conditioning beard oil made with Jojaba, Almond and Tea Tree oil will nourish and strengthen your beard with a special boost. What’s more, the spicy fragrance will give off that sexy appeal you’ve always wanted!