Sorbet has partnered with People Opposed to Women Abuse (POWA), to raise awareness for 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence (GBV) and join forces to assist victims to get back on their feet.

POWA was founded in 1979 by a group of women who realized that victims of GBV don’t have safe havens or know the correct platforms and avenues to seek help and rehabilitation from GBV.

POWA’s ethos resonates with Sorbet as a beauty brand since POWA offers victims of GBV skills training with hair and nails for the independence of women who often fall victim to the cycle of GBV because of financial reasons.

Sorbet Empowering Wo+Men (SEW) is a socio-economic empowerment programme that provides skills, training, and education for Women and Men.

Sorbet Marketing Executive, Candice Thurston said; “we partnered with POWA because we want to highlight and amplify the voices of women and men who are victims of GBV and pledge our solidarity to this epidemic that has plagued our country.”

Thurston also added that the alarming GBV and femicide headlines and statistics that broke last year during level 5 lockdown shed light on what our sisters and brothers go through.

“The launch of the #PaintPurple campaign is our way of getting not just Sorbet but our guests to also lend their voices to the fight against GBV because we know and understand that with great power comes great responsibility,” said Thurston.

The campaign runs across the Sorbet group namely Sobert Drybar, Sorbet Nailbar, Sorbet Salons, Candi&Co and has asked  Sorbet MAN citizens to be allies to the fight against GBV, paint a finger purple and say #NotInMyName. The responsibility lies in everyone to fight against GBV for men to call out men who are perpetrators and stand up for victims of GBV.

Jeanette from POWA said; “GBV knows no class, race, gender or creed, which is why we partnered with Sorbet, and the fact that they offer the service that we train victims with makes perfect sense.”

In an internal event held today at Sorbet, one of the employees bravely shared her story as a GBV survivor and emphasized the importance of seeking help from the correct avenues and how to spot signs of abuse.

If you or know of someone who is a victim of GBV you can contact POWA on 011 642 4345 or Thuthuzela centers on 080 042 8428 + 080 015 0150 for assistance.





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