Sorbet Skincare set to Pump up the Glam

Sorbet Skincare set to Pump up the Glam

We have repackaged our much- loved Sorbet Skincare collection and you’re gonna love it. It’s airless, it’s convenient, it’s longer lasting – and it’s probably instaworthy too.

We’ve made it compact where it counts and bigger where you need it most. One of our favourite features is our all classy airless pump system on a select few products that promises to pump out every last drop. Launched in 2014, our skincare collection set a benchmark for affordable specialist skincare and anti-ageing solutions.

With three categories to choose from; Sorbet Hydro Skin, Sorbet Salon Skin and Sorbet Age Affect there’s something for every skin loving Sorbie.

What to look out for: originally set in compact jars and tubes, the respective Sorbet Day and Night Creams have now traded in their seal caps for a scientifically improved airless pump action system. With each pump, the piston rises on demand and creates an airtight vacuum which eliminates wastage as the cream is dispensed.

“Our pump dispensing system is just another way we are trying to make life simple and fabulous for our guests,” says Jade Kirkel, Marketing Manager of Sorbet Group. “The airless mechanism provides formula protection and it pumps out a precise dosage, so every drop is like a ‘love drop’ for your skin and your budget,” says Kirkel.

Also look out for improved formulas on select few products such as our 3-in-1 cleansing oil.

If you’re a newbie to the Sorbet Skincare circuit, pop into your nearest Sorbet Salon for a Sorbet Grande or Sorbet Lite Facial, which samples most products from the Sorbet Skincare Collection. And even more reason to visit is the offering of a free skin scan with your Sorbet facial – so you’ll know exactly what your skin needs.