Sorbet’s Deluxe New Body Range brings that extra ‘something something’…

Sorbet’s Deluxe New Body Range brings that extra ‘something something’…

It’s new. It’s specialised. And it’s very very (very) moreish. Sorbet Group introduces its new line of affordable, professional home body products: Sorbet Salon Body. A super specific collection of butters, oils, serums, scrubs, creams and lathers that are scientifically developed to treat targeted areas of the body. It’s a must for the over 30’s, and an unmatched treat for the ladies in general.

From earlobes to ankles, Sorbet appreciates the unique struggle of buying an affordable serum or cream that turns a target area into a smooth and supple, moisturised reality. Enter the dream, Sorbet Salon Body. Hailing from the popularity of its professional skincare sister, Sorbet Salon Skin, the Sorbet Salon Body range was inspired to bring that salon feeling home, and hits the shelves with as much love in every tub, as its sibling pioneer.

Developed for every kind of body, and super-duper kind to sensitive skin, each Salon Body product locks in key, active ingredients such as vitamin E, anti-oxidants and Q10 for improved skin texture and ongoing repair. Dermatologically approved, the range offers specialised treatment for selected body parts, resulting in rapid repair for concern areas such as stretchmarks, Bust and Neck, Bottom and Thigh and a body contouring serum.

“At Sorbet, we promote body love and self-care to all our Sorbies: from our teens right through to our yummy mummies and gorgeous grandmas. We know the value and unlimited confidence that comes with feeling great, and your beauty products should be doing this for you too. This is why we’re excited about our new Sorbet Salon Body range, for the professional results that it supports, and for the feeling that it returns,” says Jade Kirkel, Marketing Manager of the Sorbet Group.

Whether you’re looking to repair stretch marks or tighten up some ‘loose ends’ with the Salon Body Contouring Serum, rest assured that the range will deliver that extra ‘something, something’:   firming, smoothing, revitalising and anti-ageing results are yours for the taking.

Since inception in 2005, the Sorbet Group continues to prioritise guest satisfaction as the ultimate driving force behind all new products, campaigns and specials. The Sorbet Salon Body is just another welcomed, innovative drive by the Group towards affordable convenience, professional results and feeling good.