Target, Treat, Reveal. For your best skin ever!

Target, Treat, Reveal. For your best skin ever!

In 4 easy steps Dermalogica’s most trustworthy heroes target and treat your skin to reveal your best skin ever.

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New Precleanse Bttl Hero 29177PreCleanse (Cleansing oil)

Precleanse thoroughly melts away layers of excess sebum, sunscreen, waterproof make-up, pollutants and products that build up on skin.

Dermalogica noticed that many consumers complained of dull, congested dirty skin. After Face Mappin
gs, we saw and felt under-surface congestion, bumps and microcomedones. Following a survey that was conducted at the International Dermal Institute to see how long the average female consumer spent cleansing their skin daily, the outcome was that they spent less than 20 seconds, once a day. Male consumers spent even less time.

Considering the fact that we produce a great amount of sebum, sweat and around 1 million cells every 40 minutes, the skin naturally gets really dirty. Add to this our exposure to outdoor pollution like dust; the application of occlusive formulas like waterproof long-lasting make-up and sunscreen. Very simply put, the vast majority of people have dirty skin! This is how the oil based cleanser, PreCleanse, was born.


Target – All skin conditions (especially oily).

Treat – Dissolve surface oil and dirt by massaging over a dry face concentrating  on areas of congestion.

Reveal – A level of cleansing traditionally found in a professional treatment room.


Daily Microfoliant®daily microfoliantGentle, daily use exfoliator

Daily microfoliant® activates upon contact with water, releasing

Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, brightening skin.

Rice seeds and Rice Bran have been used for thousands of years to relieve inflammation associated with skin diseases and for cleansing as well as softening skin. Traditionally, women in Japan have rubbed Rice Bran on their faces to keep their skin smooth and bright (this legion of women was also called “Nuka-Bijin”, meaning ‘bran beauty” in English.  Female rice farmers used the water left over from washing white rice to bathe in and wash their face with for the same reasons – to achieve smooth, luminous and bright skin. Rice Bran contains 10% Phytic Acid which helps to loosen cell cohesion and promotes microfoliation. Daily Microfoliant uses stabilised Rice Bran to ensure optimum biological activity. Daily Microfoliant’s exclusive microfoliation process is enhanced by Papaya and Salicylic Acid, ingredients that loosen outer layers of skin. Green Tea, Oatmeal and Licorice calms skin, lifts away impurities and smoothes skin.



Target – All skin conditions.

Treat – Exfoliate dead skin cells daily, removing dulling surface debris.

Reveal – Brighter, smoother skin daily.


Skin Smoothing Cream skin smoothing cream 100ml

Medium Weight Moisturiser

A medium-weight moisturiser to balance combination/dry skin. Smoothes fine lines and promotes elasticity. Shields against dehydration and pollution.

Dermalogica revolutionised the skin care industry when it emerged into the market place in 1986 with innovative formulations which excluded common irritants, including SD alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil and artificial colours and fragrances. Since the beginning, Skin Smoothing Cream, among others, still remains as one of the company’s top-sellers.In essence Skin Smoothing Cream has a very strong brand heritage and has been part of the Dermalogica legacy from an research & development perspective.



Target – Combination/dry skin.

Treat – Medium-weight moisturiser to balance combination/dry skin.

Reveal  – Deep-moisturising, helping to restore suppleness and tone.


super rich repairSuper Rich Repair

Super-concentrated moisturiser

Deeply nourishing skin treatment cream combats chronically dry, dehydrated skin

In 2011, Dermalogica introduced Power Rich which consists of three formulas blended into one. This high tech formula helps regenerate tissues, stimulates collagen, resurfaces and smoothes while providing a velvety finish to the skin.

What’s more is that Power Rich was one of the first products to contain Palmitoyl pentapeptide, one of the most powerful peptides known to stimulate collagen formulation.



Target – Dry, mature or prematurely-ageing skin.

Treat – Deeply nourishing treatment cream combats chronically dry skin and replenishes barrier lipids.

Reveal – Replenished moisture levels and stimulated collagen production.