The Breast Things in Life are…20% OFF & Amajoya-fully sweet.

The Breast Things in Life are…20% OFF & Amajoya-fully sweet.

Did you know over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? Truth. Did you know only 30% of women age 18-29 regularly check their boobs for signs of tissue changes or abnormalities? The reality is, as women, we’re often too busy being super moms, super wives, super bosses and super multi-taskers to have to also notice that our underwire is cutting into the crevice of our breast bone; or that our bra size may have jumped two notches; or that our boobs are sacred beyond the 2am feed hour, and they, in fact, need to be examined and checked for any bumps or lumps once a month.

Busy or not busy, excuses against breast health are no longer valid. The breast awareness journey is a real one, and should be sitting right up there on your adulting fridge magnet with Feed the Baby, Pay the School Fees and Buy Toilet Paper.      

The Breast Health conversation is an important one. One that extends to breast feeding, nipple changes, chest pains, cup sizes and checkups. It requires an openness from an early age; and also, these days, it proudly shares its time in the spotlight with pink ribbons and pink fun days and pink park runs during the month of October, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

With 1.38 million new cases of breast cancer reported yearly, ongoing awareness campaigns around the world are fighting hard for early cancer detection, as a means to combat and control the life- threating disease. To date, support initiatives have successfully raised research funding across the globe, and have ascended community awareness of the disease, to an increased survival rate of women with breast cancer to 95%.

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Sorbet is once again showing its love for breast awareness with some rightfully deserved, full-blown attention to the cup, and the checkup.

Paint Pink with Sorbet this October and receive 20% off any Wonderbra online purchase, to the spend value of R250 or more. Just book your Power Pink Mani or Power Pink Pedi at any Sorbet Salon and hop online to Wonderbra for a size up or a size down purchase that suits the pocket, and the dress – BUT, not before you snap a nailfie in store #LiveYourBreastLife and enjoy a yummy back of Amajoya Sweets at the same time, free on us! This pink parade of love and support is available to all Sorbies until 31 October 2019.

In proud backing of Breast Cancer Awareness, Sorbet donates all pink mani and pedi proceeds to the Breast Cancer Association of South Africa.

The extra good news is that 1. while painting pink, you can finally check out your actual bra size with Wonderbra’s bra fit guide. For your perfect bra size go here  and 2. You can examine your breasts for free, in the comfort of your own home with some easy go-to steps right here

According to the feel good tribe of Sorbet – South Africa’s best loved salon – Painting Pink is an annual cause at all Sorbet Company Stores, earnest of its bounce in good feelings and gratitude, for a life worth fighting for – and a life worth living.

Paint Pink with Sorbet today and show your support. Visit


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