The Sorbet UK Story

The Sorbet UK Story

Dear Sorbet community

As you may be
aware, the Sorbet business in the UK has ceased trading.  At the time, it was felt that the UK
initiative would mirror the success of Sorbet South Africa, but unfortunately it
proved to be a tough trading and operating environment.

It is
extremely important to note that Sorbet UK is an entirely separate and independent
business and has absolutely nothing to do with the Sorbet South African

In a

  • Sorbet South Africa has no shareholding or
    financial interest in the Sorbet UK business
  • The UK business was not managed by Sorbet South
  • Sorbet SA has no financial exposure to Sorbet UK
    and has suffered no financial loss
  • Sorbet
    South Africa is in the best financial shape it has ever been since inception
    and continues with exceptional growth together with its Franchisee community
    and citizens

We are confident that sometime in the future we will
take the Sorbet feeling to other parts of the world.

Quite simply, it’s business
as usual for Sorbet South Africa. Rest assured, we will continue to deliver
head-to-toe confidence to all our guests across South Africa.

Many thanks and best regards

Ian Fuhr  – Founder of Sorbet

Rudi Rudolph  – CEO of Sorbet SA