Trending at the Mani table

Trending at the Mani table

Hold. The.

No really, hold
it right up close to your face [just as an excuse] so everyone can see your
amazing nails. There is nothing more chic than the subtle detail of a beautiful
manicure. As simple as that.  This is
your playground to express, whether it’s sass, simplicity, or a subtle nod
toward your trendiness. These are our feels on how you can have some fun with
your manicure this year.

1. Sunshine, Baby!

2019 is your
time to SHINE! So why not express it with the colour of vibrance and happiness?
runways have been splattered with pops of yellow everywhere- from Carolina Herrera to Chanel. A cheerful bright yellow
(Like our Sorbet Fun-set Cruise) is the perfect pop to an all black
outfit that will take it from simply slimming to full on bangin’. Or pair a
pastel like Sorbet’s Banana Split with a pink ensemble (which is all
over runways for upcoming seasons too FYI) for a lighthearted look.  Both fierce and playful, this is a nail
colour that will bring all the good vibes your way.

2. Cutting Edge

You edgy queen,
you. If you don’t already have a deep, glossy navy in your collection, get on
it now. Great for a luxury car, you say, but nails? Oh yeah! We say
absolutely! Wonderfully neutral, it matches any outfit and looks especially
elegant aside gold jewellery. Sorbet Tip: keep it short. Deep colours risk
looking scary on a longer, pointed nail; but trim and neat it’s strikingly
This look is future-forward and oh so “witch-chic” (so in right
now). Our recommendation on a quality navy is March in Uniform by OPI

3. Simply Stunning

Wanna go all the
way? For the flamboyant femme, add some flair with a little bling. Some arty
detail is a sure fire way to channel your inner unicorn. Speak to your Sorbet
therapist about adding some zhuzh.

Ah, the
always-there-for-you nudes. A timeless classic. When life gets totally chaotic, it always helps to
look down and find relief in an understated manicure that cannot falter. Try a
gel look in Simple Spellbound by Morgan Taylor and you will be grabbing every opportunity to
flash those hands!

To find the
perfect match for your mood, drop by a Sorbet Salon to check out the full
spectrum of nail colours.