What’s your July Face gonna be like?

What’s your July Face gonna be like?

Get your game face on. Your party face. Brave Face. Work face. Flirt face. Fresh Face. Silly, serious, straight, friendly, in love face. We all have many faces. Sometimes they’re momentary expressions of total joy, sometimes it’s that single look of horror (you learned from your mother!) that says everything with a bulging of the eyes, and sometimes it’s the face of an emoji that sums up all the feels with one tap.

However you’re wearing your face this Winter, Sorbet wants to make sure it’s getting lots of love with 20% off any facial in store that matches your face feels (PLUS you will get Because we’ve learnt a little something about ‘facial feedback hypothesis’ that proves our faces really do have feelings, and they stem from our emotional tapestry. Pretty cool right, and also, pretty important when it comes to picking the perfect facial.

So, what’s your July Face going to be?

  1. The Game Face

Bring it. Your face plans on sweating its way through this winter. Admit it, yours is the kind of face that‘s holding all your friends accountable to that 5am boot camp sesh. You’re on a high-flying (ultimate frisbee) disk and nothing’s gonna stop you from being bikini ready before the first blossoms bloom. Your game is strong, and your face is oh so loving that high energy vibe – well then Power Mamma, you just have to try the brand new 365 Skin Workout Facial with its own 365 Skin Scanner (totally next level!) now exclusively offered at Sorbet. Just the thing for those A-game pores you’ve got going on. (365 Facials will be available mid July)

  1. Shut The Door Face

With winter all up in your face, you’re seriously focused on just getting through to warmer days. Your face will often be found indoors with a warm drink at its side and a balaclava that makes you look like a convict, but who cares. Ag shame, it’s okay. If you’re struggling with the harshness of winter, remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And try a hydration mask while you’re watching the weather channel OR…if you’re feeling for some fresh air, drop the balaclava and book yourself the Sorbet Grande Facial. Perfect for the hibernating face, plus this baby comes with a 30 minute massage that promises the right kind of chill.

  1. The Hills Are Alive Face

Gracious facious babe, what’s got you so happy? You’re in the flow, everything is going according to plan and it feels like you’re living in a musical. Good for you! There’s nothing quite like a happy face that makes other faces believe they’re happy too. Note: Happy-envy is a real thing! Keep those good vibes flowing with a Dermalogica Pro-skin Facial, that’s packed with that extra bit of Julie Andrews for a glorious after-glow.   Ah yeah, sing it Joy Queen!

  1. The Party Face

Whether it’s dancing next to the heater in your lounge or glamming up with the girls to go big, your face knows the importance of a good time – and every face, let’s be real, deserves to loosen up a little! If yours is the face that chases the Summers, mixes a good cocktail and has its own style of ‘The Twerk’ (practicing for days we know!) then you may need a little detox, post the party beat drops. Your go-to face fest should be the Environ Deep Cleanse Facial from your nearest Sorbet salon – for a penetrating pore replenish that’ll add a whole lot more joy to that jiggle.

For all the happy feels and glow time glory, bring your face to the Sorbet side of life. Here, we coach and cleanse and mask and tone and make your face feel like it just paid all its e-tolls. (South African Faces, we got you!)