‘Whose Nailing It, This Youth Month!

‘Whose Nailing It, This Youth Month!

We do hands. We do feet. We do shaping. We do filing. We do colour. You name it, we do it and we hope we, Nailed It! So, it should come as no surprise that we love people who NAIL IT in real life. People like Ruby Nates, Brent Lindique, Kiara Nirgin and Nickolous Bauer, who took the negatives and turned them into positives. Big positives, like really big.

These four inspiring go-getters saw a problem and fixed it, they fixed it real good. Yes, they nailed it! In honour of Youth Day we raise our perfectly manicured hands and salute these guys and girls that have inspired change and touched lives in their community and in South Africa. Isn’t that what Youth Day is all about? Hear their stories:

Kiara Nirgin, Inventor of No More Thirsty Crops

This 16-year old from Durban found a method to alleviate the drought by using orange and avocado peels. Her invention was so good, she won the Grand Prize at the Google Science Fair.


Ruby Nates, Founder of Rainbow for Hope

Ever wondered if a 10-year-old can really make a difference? Well if you ask Ruby the answer is yes! Ruby’s charity collects shoes for the less fortunate.


Nickolous Bauer, Co-Founder & Cultural Director at Dlala Nje

In the heart of Hillbrow, Nickolous started a community centre that serves as a safe haven for thousands of kids.


Brent Lindique, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Founder of Good Things Guy

This guy took a silly internet craze and turned into a campaign that changed hundreds and thousands of people’s lives for the better.


With individuals such as these taking the initiative, how can we not be inspired! Lets also take the step, be the best versions of ourselves & strive to make our generation into tomorrows leaders!



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