Winter Feet Blues? Look no further than a Medi Pedi Treatment!

Winter Feet Blues? Look no further than a Medi Pedi Treatment!

Have your winter feet got you down? Look no further that a Medi Pedi Foot Treatment available at Sorbet Salons and Sorbet Man stores nation-wide! (Treatments rang from R435)

What is MediPedi™?

MediPedi™ is an in-clinic pedicure treatment. DMK Alkaline foot treatment is 100% hygienic, safe and best of all effective. It is designed to abort the surface epidermal cells of the skin, dissolve hair and soften tissue. This amazing treatment results in the most rough, cracked and calloused feet feeling smooth and soft without the use of any blades or rasps.

MediPedi™ removes:
• Callouses
• Corns
• Cracked heels
• Rough, dry and hard skin build-up
• Dark pigmented areas
• Any fungal or bacterial infections


1. Herbal Pigment oil

• Herbal pigment oil restores the skin’s vital lipids, helps to smooth and brighten the skin
• Excellent for dark patches on the knees and elbows
• Softens and nourishes the cuticles
• Apply every night or two to three nights a week, depending on the condition of the feet.

• Softens, nourishes and lightens the skin
• Replaces vital lipids

2. Calerase
• The use of herbal pigment oil and Calerase is imperative to maintain the condition of the feet during treatment courses
• Has antibacterial and exfoliating properties

• Exfoliates, softens and nourishes the skin.

*Home Care products are available for purchase at Sorbet and Sorbet Man stores