5 things to know BEFORE and AFTER your wax! We’ve got it covered…

5 things to know BEFORE and AFTER your wax! We’ve got it covered…

Stay Calm – it’s not as bad as you think! With 20% off waxing for the month of August we suspect you’ll become a waxing aficionado after we’re done with you!

We all know that the monthly and sometimes weekly salon appointments of the ‘Woman Who Wax’ can be slightly daunting, but you’ll soon discover that the experience of a wax is really not that bad! Yes, the thought of hot wax being spread over sensitive and sometimes intimate parts of your body may seem like the last thing you would want to do in your spare time but come on gents, woman have been bravely waxing for years now it’s YOUR turn to get your wax on! Let’s clean-up, shape up and most importantly WAX UP!

Us lads at Sorbet Man thought it would only be fair to put together some very useful before and after tips that we suggest you keep handy for your upcoming waxing session! Brave on, Wax off – its show time!

Before your WAX -Say good bye to hairy chests, unsightly back hair and all those fluffy areas in between! For the waxing novice these pre waxing tips are for you! Yes, YOU!

1-Don’t worry…Relax – it’s going to be fine! For some, the thought of a WAX is associated with a screaming match between you and your therapist!  We can assure you getting rid of those hairy and at times unsightly patches is as easy as 1, 2, WAX!

2- Whatever you do don’t shave before your appointment! Your hair should be approximately 1 centimetre in length. To avoid a painful experience for you and your therapist give your hair some breathing space before booking your appointment.

3-Personal hygiene is always important before stepping foot into your nearest Sorbet Man.  Weather you’ve been in the sun jogging or having a stressful day at the office we are bound to turn on the water works at some point and sweat unfortunately will leaves its mark! What’s important to remember is that sweat and waxing don’t go together so a quick shower will leave your waxing regions clean and fully prepped for your appointment!

4- Don’t apply ointments or fragrances before your wax – it’s important to keep the area clean and fragrance/lotion free – It will make your experience a lot easier and pain free.

5- Sunburnt, eczema, cuts?  forget about it! Your skin must be free from any irritation before your waxing session.


After your WAX – now that you are hair free, smooth and clean as a whistle here’s what you should do for some post waxing up keep!

1-Avoiding lotions and fragrances pre wax is just as important to avoid post wax! Gents, your skin is generally very sensitive after a wax so try avouch drenching yourself in your favourite aftershave after your session!

2-Hands Off Gets! Picking and prodding waxed areas is an absolute no no! Yes, we know the new, smooth you can be appealing, but there will be lots of time to explore once the redness and sensitivity subsides!

3-The sound of the word ‘Ingrown Hair’ for some of us can be nightmarish especially when our in-growns leave those dreaded little red bumps behind. That’s why exfoliation is key. Just as you would exfoliate your beard the same would apply to your waxed area. After day 3 once your skin has settled, use a good exfoliator to help reduce any lurking in-growns!

4-Sunbathing before and after a wax should be avoided! Try have your waxing done before your sunbathing and holiday plans! Also remember to steer clear of hot showers and bathes – the cooler the better!

5-If you are experiencing more redness and discomfort than you anticipated use a tea tree oil based product which will help with any infection and inflammation