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Sorbet Empowering Wo+men
and SEW much more

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With over 3000 employees, at Sorbet we believe in community and in family. We believe in giving back and being part of empowering lives.

SEW is a Sorbet initiative that creates socio-economic upliftment by providing skills training and education for women and men, allowing them to enter the beauty and grooming industry and make their dream of joining Sorbet a reality.

What makes the SEW
initiative so successful?

SEW enrols unemployed women and men into world-class training affiliated to the Sorbet Group to gain the education needed to become a successful barber, hairstylist or beauty therapist.
We further support the process of sourcing well-suited candidates. Their competence, compassion, and soft skills are prerequisites for ensuring high-calibre professional graduates, enabling them to secure sustainable employment.

SEW’s graduate and job placement history are highly successful due to our partnership with a renowned recruitment organisation and our world-class training academies.

SEW stands for:

Sorbet Empowering Wo+Men…
and SEW much more: 

Sustainability, providing people with lasting professions.
Uplifting lives.
Creating measurable change. For possibility, potential, and purpose.
Fills the gap by training more individuals in order to fill industry demand.
Making a real difference in people’s lives.

Help create a better tomorrow

We have a few ways that you can safely and securely donate to this incredible initiative.

Donate R10 to SEW at checkout.

Buy a pair of flip-flops at Sorbet. We’ll donate a portion to SEW.

Buy any Sorbet product from Sorbet. We’ll donate a portion to SEW.

Add SEW as a MySchool beneficiary.

SEW bursaries

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