Sorbet Story

We began our journey in 2005 under Ian Fuhr’s visionary leadership, and over the years, Sorbet has blossomed into a network of almost 200 stores across South Africa.

The Sorbet Group

The Clicks Group

In June 2023, the Clicks Group acquired Sorbet, leading to a close partnership between Sorbet and Clicks Holdings. As part of this collaboration, customers can now earn points on their Clicks ClubCard with every transaction at Sorbet.

We also teamed up to create an exclusive range of Sorbet-branded products, which are available in Sorbet and Clicks stores, offering customers a seamless and integrated experience across both brands.

Partner Brands

We’re proud to partner with leading brands

Service Excellence

Sorbet franchise opportunities

Exciting franchise opportunities await throughout South Africa. We offer unwavering support to our Franchise Partners, and we would love to meet you at one of our franchise presentations, where we will delve into the franchising and approval process in more detail.

The Sorbet Promise

At Sorbet, it is our mission to provide 100% guest satisfaction, seven days a week and wearing a smile. If you are not totally satisfied with your treatment, talk to us and tell us why and if we can’t turn that frown back into a smile, then your treatment is on us.

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