[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ok 2020 got real. Along with the rest of you lovelies, the beauty industry had some setbacks. But- there has still been some goodness in the chaos. What we have seen, is that even when people don’t need to leave their houses, there’s still a place for the world of beauty; and trends will forever be emerging.

This is an innovative industry bursting with creativity, with a lot to offer when it comes to self-care (a biggie right now). Sorbet Salons is proud to bring happiness to our consumers by supporting self-love, and as always, we’ve got the latest on beauty trends for you.

All in the eyes, baby

Ooh-la-lashes, time to get funky! By this stage everyone knows that masks are a thing and will be for a while. Fashion brands have been super-fast in stepping up to offer some edge and playfulness to these things, and the beauty world has responded with extra attention to eye looks.

Some eye-may-zing trends have emerged like the bold lash (eyelash extensions are everything), brightly coloured eyeliner and uber-shimmery shadow. Our personal favourite is the “floating crease” eyeliner trend where an extra line is applied to the top crease of the eyelid- it’s just so glam and we love it. Local makeup artist Princess Oageng has been rocking some super creative looks on Youtube and Instagram you can check out.

Soothing and sustainable is the new black.

And, breathe out. Everyone is looking for new ways to de-stress and guess what’s been there for them? That’s right- self-care rituals. A study in the U.S revealed that 90% of women have stuck to their usual skincare routine throughout 2020, with 66% saying that their skin and hair care routine in fact reduces stress for them. “It’s stunning to see how much simple self-care routines can help people stay centered,” says Sorbet Group Marketing Manager Sapna Naran. Even if you’re makeup-free, a spritz of soothing toner and a Sorbet Smoothing face mask can do you the world of good to feel refreshed and calm.

With the increased importance of health and cleanliness, consumers are more interested than ever in sustainable and healthy products, leading to the rise of clean beauty.

Did you know that many of Sorbet’s retail products are vegan friendly? “We want our contribution to be a healthy and happy one.” Says Naran

Cancel congestion

Maskne is now a real thing. Ugh. This refers to acne that arises due to irritation and congestion caused by face masks, and it just won’t do! We recommend investing in a good exfoliator and booking regular facials to manage your congestion.

No Normal

Phew, you can finally just be you-nique you! With the normalization of the I’m-at-home-in-my-pjs look, trends around unapologetic self-expression that were growing before Covid, like body positivity, have accelerated. We’re so excited to see more praise for every kind of unique look in the beauty world. “The beauty world is becoming more about unique and ever-changing self-expression than striving for perfection,” says Sapna Naran. ‘Normal’ has gone out the window. This is the time to be authentic.

While we’ve all taken a bit of a knock, things are looking up. Sorbet has been a busy bae throughout lockdown, working hard to make changes that are going to be healthier, happier and easier for everyone. We’ve made sure that all our stores offer a super safe experience and we’re thrilled to be bringing you lots of developments in the world of beauty! Head over to sorbet.co.za for more info on booking.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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