Nail Evolution

Acrylic nails first made their debut in the 1950s after a dentist, Frederick Slack broke his nail and experimented with different chemicals and materials to replace his broken nail.

While long nails and nail art were a status symbol in times passed and were an indication that those with long, adorned nails didn’t use their hands for manual labor.

The conversation is quite the contrary in today’s world. Nails have grown far beyond status and wealth and have become a part of our daily lives. The relationship between a nail technician and her client is bigger than just nails. It’s a collaborative dance of trust, creativity, and self-expression.

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The nail industry is ever-growing and evolving at an exponential rate with infinite options of self-expression at your fingertips, with a myriad of colours, shapes, textures, and designs for you to choose from.

A visit to the nail salon is indicative of the intimate relationship between a woman and her hands. These routine visits are an essential part of mental health and beauty. This is where client and technician pour into each other for boundless expression of this element of beauty.

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