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Over the past 2 years, we’ve seen a rise of boho-inspired faux locs and the timeless ponytail in different style variations. What we cannot deny is their versatility and ability to elevate a look.

If you think about it and take a retrospective look over the past two years, you’ll realize that that you’ve seen them on every red carpet and all-over social media with different people experimenting with them in all their glory, and every time we see them, they’ve elevated to brand new heights.

These whimsical hairstyles have reinvented glamour and put one’s beauty at the forefront. What makes them even more desirable is the fact that they are protective styles as they preserve one’s hair and protect from heat damage and harsh products like relaxers etc.

We’ve seen an assortment of ponytails from braided, fringe buns, half ponies, and Kim Kardashians floor-length 2021 Met Gala pony.

Faux locs have also dominated, with different length variations. The addition of curls, butterfly extensions paired with texture have been all over social media and exceptionally desirable.

However, 2022 will see the inclusion of jewels in these hairstyles for an elevated celestial look that transcends beauty and hair standards.

The incorporation of jewels and gems will bring new life to already existing styles but will update them. From bedazzled headbands, jewel crowns, individually applied rhinestones bedazzled and worded hair clips.

Hair TrendsThe beauty about this trend is that you can play around with it by being minimalistic or extravagant  based on how each individual decides to translate the trend based on their personality.

With several lockdown restrictions being lifted for big events and our country adjusting the number of people, 2022 will see this trend take off.

No matter the occasion these hairstyles and accessories are available for you to play with and find your footing with this trend at all our Candi&Co. salons.

Our menu offers an extensive range of braids, faux locs and ponytails for you to enjoy. with amazing combos to help you get your glam on Candi&Co. is where your hair dreams come alive.

Our combo prices include:

  • Cornrow Design + Wash + Gel Nails R450
  • Cornrow Design + Wash + Tips Polish R550
  • Tribal Braids + Wash + Tips Polish R650
  • Dreadlocks: New Setting R450

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