Who doesn’t want smooth, clear, youthful-looking, beautiful and glowing skin that radiates?
One of best ways to take care of your skin and to help maximize your natural beauty is a Professional DMK™ Skin Treatment.

Not to split hairs, but there IS a difference between getting a facial and having a DMK™ Skin Treatment. Now, these skin treatments are more than skin deep… Literally! A facial may be able to penetrate deep into your skin, it cannot reach the cellular level that a DMK™ skin treatment does, as DMK™ skin treatments work with the entire cycle of skin regeneration.

While having a facial feels amazing, refreshing and a bit luxurious, the eff ects are not long lasting, because there’s little change to the skin’s condition at a deeper level. Whereas the DMK™ skin treatment influences the skin’s condition at deeper, dermal levels to re-balance and stimulate it to function like it used to. A DMK™ skin treatment can help you achieve younger looking skin by increasing your skin’s elasticity, improving textural irregularities, tightening facial contours, and of course, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

A bespoke DMK™ skin treatment plan is designed for each client by evaluating individually, their lifestyle, nutrition, hormonal, health, amount of sun exposure, stress, sleep, and heredity factors. If a treatment or product is not producing the desired, result, we change it up.

While skin treatments stimulate change in the skin, home care support is integral to the process.
To keep your skin in balance and bring about change, you need to commit to a treatment program and a home care regimen.

It is simple and takes so little time – one minute in the morning and one minute at bedtime. Ideally, this will do more to maintain, support the health of the skin and prevent future damage if done consistently.

Bottom line: A facial is great for relaxing and treating yourself. They give you that same-day glow that is perfect for a once in-a-while indulgence into improving your complexion. However, if you want long-lasting results, you’ve got to take the plunge into DMK™ skin treatments not facials for skin regeneration.

DMK™ is available at selected Sorbet Salons.


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