Let your nails do the talking

The past 2 years or so have been terrible for all of us, more so for our beauty needs. We had to revisit the past and do our nails at home with drug-store nail polish. This consequentially meant the growth of our nail polish collection grew since before lock-down.

We’ve all become nail experts in our own right, however, there’s one element that was missing- a nail technician. Depending on whether you’re left or right-handed, you had one perfectly manicured hand and one horrid-looking hand with smeared nail polish that is painted in every direction. This served as a reminder of the relationship each person shares with their nail technician and how important a nail technician is to every woman’s confidence

Our hands and nails play a very big and important role in our daily lives seeing as we use them for everything we do, the detergents and work we do add extra stress to them.

As we transition back to “normality”, so do our routine visits to the nail salon. The awesome about returning to the nail salon is that we get to experiment and play around with endless design and style options to make up for all the time we lost during lockdown.





The Reinvented French Manicure; this classic style has reinvented itself from the same old boring old white tip and its impact cannot be denied. Play around with colours and styles and bonjour away with your re-invented French manicure.
Instagram @mishka_khan01

The Multi-Coloured hue to shade; this trend is absolutely fun and exciting for summer because you can play around with different shades of the same color on each finger, hence “hue-to-shade. Instagram @sorberpaarlmall​

The Gold Flake; the gold flake takes luxury and sophistication to a whole new level. The application of gold flakes in sizes of your choice makes your nails look like they were dipped in liquid or gold burst around on your nails. Instagram @sorbetlonehill

Texture; this style is quite fun and exciting because not only do your nails look like crocodile or ostrich skin was used on your nails, similar to your favorite handbag, they also feel like it. You can choose between a glossy or matte finish. You don’t have to worry about PETA, these designs are created using acrylic. Instagram @sorbetwaterfront​

Here are 4 awesome styles to try and play around with this summer.Booking your appointment at your nearest and favourite Sorbet is the first step to glorious, trendy and fabulous nails. Click here to visit for the full Sorbet nail menu.

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