Age Affect Power Serum

Age Affect Power Serum

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Plump & Refine. Concentrated anti-age treatment with MATRIXYL¨ syntheÕ6ª and Vitamins A, C & E

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Sorbet skincare professionals know that keeping ageing skin looking glowing and youthful requires scientific treatment. Age Affect is your intense anti-ageing solution to help keep skin younger looking, firm and wrinkle-free. Skin regeneration slows down as we age, wrinkles begin to appear and skin becomes less firm. Age Affect contains a scientific combination of powerful actives (MATRIXYL¨ syntheÕ6ª) and age-fighting vitamins (A, C & E) to help combat the signs of ageing and restore your skin to a healthy and youthful appearance.

1 review for Age Affect Power Serum

  1. Terri

    This serum is so nourishing. It’s good value for money and you get a massive amount of product. I’m not a fan of the packaging since the dropper is too big and wastes product. Other than that I will definitely repurchase when I run out.

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