Bold eyes for the future

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The breakout of COVID-19 brought with it a much-needed break for your skin and while we turned our homes into home offices and studios, our skin took a break from wearing make up every day. However, as the restrictions dwindled down and some form of normality returned, we had no clue on what to do with our make-up since masks are mandatory to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

We were all loving the bold lip trend, but covid-19 brought us to a screeching halt. The focus shifted from lips, to polarizing eyes. The statement eye soon took over social media, events and magazine covers as testament of the shift.

On the bright side the rebellion from minimalistic-at-home-make-up has started, and it’s time you dip your brushes in your most bold and dramatic pallets to achieve your ultimate statement eye

The statement eye is not just limited to eye shadow, have fun with it and bleed your shadow on your bottom lid, be cheeky with it and play around with it by creating a renaissance look by using your eyeshadow as blush for a dramatic cheek.

While eyeshadow has taken over, the rising girl on the block is coloured eyeliner, from bright colored liner on your lower lid to enhance your eyes and shadow. What makes this trend fun and exciting is that instead of wearing eyeshadow you can apply brightly colored liquid eyeliner and overlap it to create a fun look.

No matter the bold eye you choose to create, our Eye Shadow Quads have great pigmentation to achieve the dramatic eye and shadow bleed out to the dramatic cheek. Achieving the brightly colored overlapping liner is just as simple, simply create your outline with your Sorbet concealer and apply your eyeshadow over the concealer with the eyeliner brush for clean and crisp lines. The Sorbet make-up range is all you need to bring your make up dreams to life.

Have fun with your look this month and express yourself with bright, expressive eyes. Don’t be a bore, be bold! Here’s a list of stores that host our amazing Sorbet make-up range


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