The cornerstone of mens grooming

The cornerstone of mens grooming

Throughout history the barbershop has been the cornerstone of men’s grooming. The barbershop has created a community for men to feel safe and share honest stories. A sanctuary for men to open to other men about lived experiences.

An honest and raw depiction of what the barbershop means to men is Le Bron James’ and Maverick Carter’s HBO show, The Shop that dives very deep into men’s issues in a barbershop setting. It is a clear depiction of what the barbershop means to men. A safe haven where grooming, conversation and banter intersect.

Amazing as this may be, the barbershop comes with a lot of unwritten commandments that can be exceptionally detrimental. Switching chairs or barber is, an unwritten law that could bring doom to the relationship between barber and citizen. However, at Sorbet MAN, this is not true, all our barbers are professionally trained, understand and work with all hair types and textures for gent satisfaction.

Hair is a big part of every man’s presentation, and it goes without thought or denying that men’s grooming over the past 5 years has changed. Men have put in a considerable amount of effort into how they look from a grooming perspective.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve heard the word “metrosexual” (describing a man meticulous about his grooming and overall appearance), has been used to describe men who are passionate about grooming. This term describes you, the Sorbet MAN, a man that is unafraid to buff and shine his nails, wax his chest, and overall enjoys regular visits to Sorbet MAN to ensure that he is in tip-top shape, so he shows up as the best version of himself.

Our menu is designed with men like you in mind. Men who take pride in their grooming.

Our range of affordable haircuts offer the modern the epitome of men’s grooming.

  • Global Clipper Cut R140
  • Pattern Design excl. Haircut* R200
  • Faded Clipper Cut R220
  • Signature Haircut R250 includes scissors & clippers
  • Signature Haircut + Blade Fade R325

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