In our world we do quirky. We do care-free. We’re all about hot towels, hot wax, Manicures and Manlicures, blowouts and Bro-Outs, Hollywood, brazillian, Swedish and gelish.

Not sure which Sorbet is right for you? Check out our range of offerings below – we’re sure to have every kind of Sorbet for every kind of gal (or guy)!


We paint and we dip, we deep cleanse and we deep tissue. We do not deep sleep, we leave that for the day spas. We don’t do boring. We’re all about energy and synergy. And paying that feeling of fabulous forward.

You want gelish? We’ve got gelish. You want French? We’ve got French. How about some chips with that? Nah, we don’t do chips. 

And that’s just for starters.

Sorbet Drybar has been developed for you and your lifestyle, so we offer affordable blow-drys in a relaxed, funky environment, complete with in-salon entertainment to give you ‘that feeling’. No cuts. No colours. No fuss.


Shaves, shampoos, massages and skincare treatments are the popular choice – but that’s not all. Manicures, Pedicures, Highlights and Grey Outs are there for the taking too (and did we mention the wax treatments?) Not too shabby!


Braids, curls, twists, knots, weaves, relaxers, boosters, shampoos and conditioners, consultation, education and good vibrations . This is us. We’re an all-type-hair-type salon that specialises in ethnic hair.

For our Loyal Sorbies!

How about some extra Love to go with your treatment? Sorbet Society is your home-from-home Loyalty Programme that rewards you with loyalty points every time you spend with us.

You’ll get birthday benefits, exclusive discounts, VIP invites & social scoops that’ll keep you loving that feeling all year long.

And the best part: when you reach your threshold get Sorbet Rewards Vouchers, to spend on any treatment of your choice.


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