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We almost in the dry season and Candi&Co. have got the protective Styles for you this season! We got you girl, whilst you are doing life, we will ensure your braids and wigs are ready to take on the world. Visit your nearest Candi&Co. and save on these incredible Braid and Wig service.

  1. 20% Off Braids PLUS Nail Combo OR Wig Service PLUS Nail Combo
  2. Minimum spend R750

From 16 April – 10 May 2021.

Sorbet Loyalty Members -The More you spend, the more points you earn!

Available at Candi&Co.

Follow us on @Candi & Co. Salon for the latest trends.

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ALL Sorbet stores have the highest hygiene protocols in place for your safety & our citizens. You can rest assured that we will ensure strict hygiene measures through all of your treatments.

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