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Let’s be honest gents, ingrown hairs are a pain.

They’re unsightly, they are sore, and they are definitely not wanted!

Sorbet MAN Grooming Bars specialise in Ingrown hair treatments and have a man-sized offer of 20% off an Ingrown Hair Treatment*.

What is this annoying problem all about?

An ingrown hair is where the hair has grown in the wrong direction and grown back into the skin. Your skin’s natural reaction is to encapsulate it to prevent infection, which, in most cases, causes a red itchy bump.

You can prevent or get rid of ingrown hairs with regular, gentle exfoliation and skin moisturising. Changing your razor blades when they become dull is also recommended.

Whats more you can also enjoy 20% Off other specialised treatments like Scalp and KST Treatments*.

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*ALL Sorbet MAN stores have the highest hygiene protocols in place for your safety & our citizens. You can rest assured that we will ensure strict hygiene measures through all your treatments.

Ts & Cs Apply:

Minimum Spend: R350[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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